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Introducing BoostCRM

BoostCRM is an all-in-one marketing and communication software to grow your online business. We collect and analyze data from different communication channels (including your website, live chat, call center, and social media) to help you learn more about your target audience and how to attract them with relevant content at the right time.

We offer many tools to automate your workflows and optimize online customer experiences. These tools can help you increase traffic, engage more leads, convert warm leads into customers, retain and breed them into loyalists and promoters. Join the digital transformation and achieve so much more in less time and less effort!

Who BoostCRM is for

We believe that all go-to-market teams in a business can collaborate and work together on a single platform to keep the highest level of data consistency. With that vision, a BoostCRM project is a co-working space for all departments of your business.

  • For Marketing team: With BoostCRM, marketers can send personalized messages and promotions to the right users at the right time.
  • For Sales team: BoostCRM helps sales reps find out what customers want, solve their problems and ensure a smooth sale process.
  • For Customer Support team: Your customer service has more efficient ways to assist and delight customers.
What BoostCRM offers

Being an omnichannel CRM and automation marketing platform, we offer all the tools you need to improve customer relations and implement automation into your business.

Provide customers instant support

Instant online communication has become crucial in a business’s customer service. Here are ways you can use BoostCRM to provide your customer instant support:

  • Via live chat and call widgets: Live chat and call widgets are suitable tools for instant support. Having live chat and voice support on your website helps create a delightful experience for your visitors and convert them into paying customers.
  • Via live visitor tracking: Our live visitor tracking allows you to see who’s browsing your site in real-time. It also gives you an overview of each user’s behavior as they click through your website. This behavior report helps you make data-driven decisions and initiate a chat in strategic moments.
  • Via centralized communication: Always be available across all channels. No matter which channels customers contact you from, you will receive their messages instantly and act on them while staying in one place.
  • Via chatbots: No need to worry about the overwhelming messages from visitors. You can set up automated live chats that fit your business needs and have chatbots greet your visitors automatically.

Better understand each customer’s unique needs

No matter what business you are in, understanding your customer needs is the key to success. It’s important to identify individual unique needs and meet their highest expectation. BoostCRM provides features that help you better understand your customers, such as real-time visitor tracking, customer info management, and custom fields.

  • Real-time visitor tracking is a great way to get to know your live visitors. This feature helps you initiate a proactive chat and send them targeted messages based on their browsing behavior.
  • Good information management provides a valuable database that helps you meet customer needs. We offer great tools and features to improve your customer management and better segment your customers.
  • Custom fields are useful to store data that are unique to each customer. From general info such as profession or company name to specific data such as what products they are interested in or how many times they interacted with you, your system can store the tiniest details with custom fields.

Draw customers in and create lasting relationships

Nurturing your existing audience is as important as collecting new leads. Investing in these relationships gives you a quality customer base and a more stable profit. BoostCRM gives you the tools to build long-term relationships with your customers.

Growth tools (including gamification) and Discounts are great features that can catch people’s attention, bring a delightful experience, and keep them engaged with your brand. This tactic not only attracts new customers quickly but also retains them long-term.

Drive sales growth

Sales growth is essential to improve the overall profitability of your business. With BoostCRM, you can boost your sales in many different ways.

    • More website sales: With website widgets installed, it’s easier to boost website orders. Live chat and call support help visitors to make buying decisions quicker.
    • More multichannel sales: Centralized communication helps you interact with customers where they already like to spend time and sell your products on different channels.
    • More automated sales: Sales chatbots can help customers choose what to buy and make a purchase. The buying process is now easier than ever.
    • More Messenger sales: Design and launch your E-commerce website and sell your products right on Messenger.

Measure how your business is performing

Measuring your business performance is necessary to know what works and what doesn’t, then adjust your strategy accordingly.

With our dashboard reports, you can see if your audience is growing. You can also see how your customer interactions are doing by looking at the number of messages and calls. We also support time-based data statistics. This feature helps you analyze and evaluate business performance over certain time ranges.

Monitoring real-time visits on your website can also help you measure your business performance. The live visitors tracking feature can show your website traffic in real-time so you can see if your promotional strategies are working.

How BoostCRM is different

BoostCRM offers the tools you need to bring your customers the best experiences throughout their entire customer journey. From attracting new audiences to convert them into paying customers and nurture them into brand loyalists, you can do it all with BoostCRM.

We divide the features into individual modules. Each module meets a specific need for your business growth. These are the modules we currently have:

  • Mini CRM: All the CRM tools you need for your business.
  • Website Widgets: A toolkit to improve website support via Live Chat, Chatbot, Browser Call Center, Messenger Icon, Zalo Icon.
  • Messenger Chatbots: Messenger automation for your business growth.
  • E-commerce Website: E-commerce website and professional multi-channel sales management.

Each module comes with its pricing plan. Choose the plan that best fits your business - pay only for what you need. Learn more about our pricing plan here.

You only need one account to manage multiple projects. Switching between projects is as easy as clicking a button. These projects are independent of each other and use different modules and pricing plans.

Are you ready to take the lead in digitalization and stay on top of the competition? Start building your CRM now!

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