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Website Widgets

Have you ever wondered why your website visitors often leave quickly without much interaction? Our Website Widgets module offers a great solution to keep visitors engaged while they are browsing your web.

Expand your website’s functionality

Within 5 minutes of installation, you can have a set of useful widgets on your website. These widgets can add value and make your website more functional for customers.

So what is a widget? A widget is a component that can be added to your website, each has a stand-alone feature that visitors will benefit from. A widget is displayed as a floating icon on your website and is always in the users’ field of view.

We support the most basic and useful widgets to online businesses, including:

  • Scroll top: Take visitors to the top of the website when clicked on.
  • Live Chat: Provide instant support for your web visitors. Live Chat connects visitors with your operators (or chatbots) via real-time chat. 
  • Call: Empower your website with voice support. Visitors can call you for free via their browser.
  • Social widgets: Add links to your profile from different social networks.

Considering real-time customer support can boost conversions and grow average order value, adding Live Chat and Call widgets to your website could be a beneficial move. Learn more about our Live Chat and Call features below.

Live Chat

Chats are essential for any online business. A chat widget makes it easier for customers to connect with you when they visit your website. Through the chat widget, visitors can ask questions and get answers from your support agents - in real-time. Instant and fast support can gain customer trust and lead to more conversions.

With the Live Chat widget installed, you can integrate messages sent from your website into your BoostCRM’s conversations panel. From your workspace, you can see who is browsing on your website in real-time (live visitors) and receive the messages they send you via Live Chat. You can proactively strike up conversations and offer instant support, manually or automatically, to keep them engaged on your website.

How it works: After installing Live Chat, you will see a chat icon floating on your website. When visitors want to contact you via chat, they only have to click this icon and a chat window will appear right on the web. Any messages they send you will instantly show up in your conversations panel. Greet them how you want and respond to their queries.

The Live Visitors tab in your conversations panel allows you to see who is online on your website along with their browser and location information. You can send them a message first or have a chatbot engage them for you.

Chatbots are automated scenarios that you can build to fit your business needs. No need to worry about the overwhelming messages from visitors, let chatbots handle the repetitive work. You will learn more about chatbots later in this article.


Having a Call widget on your website is a great option for visitors who need to contact your business via voice call. This widget will simplify the process of communication with customers, improve customer service, maintain the purchase flow, and boost online orders.

Our call center is a browser-based solution, which means it offers browser-to-browser voice calls. No need to pay for a hotline phone number, by installing the call widget you provide customers a simple way to call you right from the website. This also helps eliminate visitors’ worries about unwanted call costs, allowing them to contact you confidently from anywhere in the world.

How it works: After installing the Call widget, you will see a call icon floating on your website. When visitors need to contact you via voice call, this widget will ask for their microphone access before proceeding to the call. A window informing an incoming call will show up in your workspace (if you use the desktop version), or on your phone (if you use the mobile app). This window shows some basic information the system can collect from your visitor’s browser. You can accept or decline this call. Call logs are stored in call management.

Widget customization

All widgets are fully customizable. Feel free to design them to your liking, set the theme, colors, and position to look and feel similar to your website aesthetic.

What you can customize: 

  • Choose only which widgets you want to show: Don’t need a certain widget for your website? Simply disable or remove it.
  • Change widget size and color: The color pickers make it easy for the widgets to blend in with your website.
  • Choose from default layout styles: We currently offer 3 different designs for Live Chat and Call that are clean and easy to adapt to any website.
  • Create your content: All text is customizable allowing you to express your brand personality.
Automate your messaging support

Automated communication has become the modern way for online businesses to grow and stay competitive. Having chatbots as your digital assistant helps lowering service costs for your business without impacting customer satisfaction. Your smart chatbots can answer your customers’ questions automatically - 24/7. Let them handle simple customer inquiries so your operators have more time to handle complex issues.

Aside from answering FAQs, chatbots can also help you welcome new visitors, generate leads, engage customers, and power up your sales. Chatbots make it easy to automate your business processes, not only in customer service but also in sales and marketing.

How it works: We offer a simple visual bot builder that allows you to create a chatbot from scratches that suit your business needs. You can set up what triggers the chatbot, what type of messages it would send (text, image, quick reply, carousel, etc.), what actions it would perform (add or remove tags, set custom fields, open a webview, check conditions, etc.).

Here are some examples of how you can use chatbots:

  • Send welcome messages to first-time visitors
  • Generate leads by collecting visitors’ contact information
  • Answer the most frequently asked questions
  • Walk your customer through the entire purchase flow
  • Collect feedback and review from customers
  • Send updates on order and shipping status
  • Send coupons and special offers to loyal customers

Learn how to create chatbots here and the possibilities are infinite.

Pricing plan

To see our pricing for each plan and full feature comparison, visit our pricing page.

Shopify App

Our Website Widgets module is available on Shopify App Store as BoostCRM Chatbot & Call Center. Install our app and integrate all the listed features above into your Shopify store!

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