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Managing modules

Each module has its own pricing plans, each plan gives you access to multiple features and project usage. Learn more about our pricing plan here and choose a plan that works best for your business.

Managing modules

Go to Settings > Plan and Billing. Under the Modules section, you can have an overview of which modules you have installed, their current pricing plan, and their project usage.

For the modules you have not installed, you will see a short description for each of them. By hovering over them, two buttons will appear.

To read a detailed document about a module, click View details.

To install a module, click Install.

By clicking Install, the module’s free plan will be installed instantly to your project. You can upgrade your plan anytime or keep using the free plan.

Changing module plan

To change your module plan, click Change plan.

You will see a detailed data sheet comparing the plans of that module. Select the plan you want and proceed to the checkout process.

Check the module name, the plan you chose, and the amount you have to pay monthly. Choose your payment method and click Start my plan to continue. Currently, we only support payment via Momo Wallet.

Payment via Momo Wallet

A window will pop up showing a QR code. Open the Momo App on your mobile device to scan the code and finish your payment.

A message will appear informing you that your transaction has been successful. You can return to your project by clicking Go to Dashboard.

If your payment has failed, you will receive this message.

Click Try again to redo the payment process. If payment still fails after many tries, please contact us via our email

Uninstalling a module

To uninstall a module, click Uninstall.

Note that all data associated with a module that you uninstall will not be lost and will reappear if you reinstall it.

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