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Mobile app download
In this article, we will explain how to download and install the BoostCRM mobile app on your iOS and Android devices.
Download the app

Go to our homepage, scroll to our footer and click the icon for App Store or Google Play (depending on your system).

You can also download the app on your iPhone or Android device by searching for the ‘BoostCRM’ app on App store or Google Play.

Or you can click these links: iPhone or Android.

Log in the app

To log into the mobile app, use your email and password created on the website. If you have not registered an account for BoostCRM, you can sign up via the mobile app.

If you have already signed up and created your project(s) on the website, you will see the project (or a list of projects) after logging in the mobile app. Choose the project you would like to use and start working!

You can always change and switch between the projects later on by tapping the menu icon.

If you have just signed up via mobile app and have no projects yet, you will see this screen after logging in.

Currently, creating a new project is not supported on mobile. Please log in using the website, create and set up your project there, then come back to the mobile app and start using our Chat and Call features on mobile.

Having any troubles?

If you encounter any difficulties or if you need more information on the mobile app, please reach out to us via chat or contact us at

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