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Team and roles setup
Manage team member and roles
Add a supporter to your project

Click your profile picture on the top right corner and choose Team and Roles.

By creating the project, you are the administrator. Administrators have complete access to the project, including adding new supporters.

To add a new supporter, click New user in the Supporters panel.

You can add a supporter using their email address, Facebook ID, or Google ID. Press enter after each email or ID to add multiple supporters at a time. Enter the Role for the supporter(s).

The Free plan for Mini CRM only allows your project to have 1 operator. You need to have Basic plan and up to add more supporters to your project.

Check the checkbox for the permissions you want your newly added supporter(s) to have. You can always change this later.

Edit supporter permission

To edit a supporter’s permission, click on their name and a side panel will appear allowing you to edit their permissions. Click Save after finishing all changes.

Only admins can edit these permissions. 

Remove a supporter

To remove a supporter from your project, click the icon next to their name and choose Remove, then click Remove on the pop up modal to confirm your action.

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