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What is BoostCRM

BoostCRM is a Customer Relationship Management software. It helps you manage the interactions with your customers and potential customers who are using your product or website. We provide all the tools you need to build customer relationships and streamline the conversion processes so you can attract more potential customers, engage them seamlessly and create delight, loyalty, love from the people who matter most.

What can i do with BoostCRM?

If you have a website or a web-based products or an e-commerce business, you can use BoostCRM to:

  • Understand what your customers look like and what they do: Track, tag, filter and segment every customer.
  • Conversation-centric Marketing: Automatically get more leads from your website. Use bots to qualify, route and schedule meetings, and chat with your best leads in real time.
  • Conversation-centric Support: Use BoostCRM Call Center to provide a more friendly and faster support that helps you serve more satisfied customers.
  • Focus on self-services: create and share the same documents, FAQs to help people understand your product better and get answers faster.

All the tools are built on a free BoostCRM platform which lets you see who your customers and visitors are, and what they do on your website. Then you can strike up a conversation with people instantly to serve them.

Who uses BoostCRM?

Our vision is that all go-to-market teams in a business can collaborate and work together on a single platform to keep the highest level of data consistency.

  • Marketing teams: who want to send personalized messages and promotions to the right users, at the right time based on their behaviours.
  • Sales teams: who want to talk with visitors, solve their problems and help them to become customers
  • Customer support team: who need a more direct and smarter way to delight their customers.


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