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Lesson 1: Create and configure an automation template for the website

Before building your first chatbot, you need to create and configure an automation template for your website. 

Create a template

To create an automation template, go to Automation > Chatbot template.

Click New template to create a new template. Enter your template name, e.g., “Website chatbots.” For Channel type, choose Website Widgets.

Next, you need to apply this template to your website.

Configure a template for your website

Go to Integration > Website Widgets. Choose Widgets > Chatbox to open your live chat settings.

Enable Automation (Chatbot). Configure working time and select a template for your website on the side panel.

For Time settings, you have 2 options: Always and Schedule.

  • Always: Your chatbots will be working 24/7.
  • Schedule: You can configure chatbots uptime here.

For Template settings, select your newly created template in Automation.

Your website’s automation template is all set up. You can create your first chatbot now.


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