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Lesson 2: Create a scenario and an entry block
After creating and configuring your website’s automation template, you can start building your chatbots. The first step to build a chatbot is creating a scenario and its entry block.
Create a scenario

To create a scenario, go to Automation > Chatbot template.

Select your template. On the management sidebar, click New scenario. Enter your scenario name and click Save.

Your scenario is now created. Next, click on your newly created scenario to create an entry block.

Create an entry block

An Entry block is the first block of the scenario. You can create an entry block in list mode and diagram mode:

  • List mode: In List mode, click Add new block. Click on the block name to rename it, or click on the icon to Rename, Duplicate, or Delete the block.

  • Diagram mode: In Diagram mode, click the Add new button above the zoom icons and choose Block. In this view mode, you can rename a block using the editor.

You can also create an entry block by hovering over a normal block, then click the icon and choose Make entry.


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