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Customizing call widget

For Call to work properly, make sure you enable Call in General settings.

Then, to customize Call, select Widgets > Call.

Layout style and View

Layout style changes the overall design of your Call and Live Chat widgets. If you change this style in Call settings, the Live Chat widget's style will also change accordingly and vice versa.

 You can choose from 3 default designs that are clean and easy to adapt to any website.

After selecting a layout style, you can select a View to edit.

The views are Access request, Start a call, Busy line, Ringing, Incall, Leave info, Pre/post-rating, and No support.

In the Call widget, some design elements follow the widget background and icon colors in the General settings. The primary color (the color of the buttons and primary components) follows the visitor’s message background color in Live Chat.

Access request

When live visitors first click on Call, they will see a message asks for permission to access their microphone. The button will grant the widget access and take visitors to the next step.

You can change all text messages and the button label.

Start call

After allowing microphone access, visitors will be asked to choose an input device.

You can change the labels.

Ringing and Incall


Callers will see this waiting screen when their call is being routed to a specific operator.

You can choose to show Callee info, including profile picture and display name. You can change the profile picture or use our default picture.

Pre and post-rating


When a call ends, visitors will be asked to rate their experience.

You can change the text message asking for the caller’s rating.


After the caller gives the rating, a thank you message will show up along with a button to make another call.

You can change the text message and the button label.

Busy line

When all operators' lines are occupied, visitors will see a message indicating that the line is busy. The first button will take visitors to a form to fill out some contact information. The second button will start another call.

You can change all text messages and button labels.

Leave info

Visitors will see this form after clicking on the leave info button from the busy line notification.

You can change the description text on top of the form.

You can choose what information to collect from your visitors. To make a field required, check the box Required field.

Below the form is a button for your visitors to finish their form filling. You can change the label for this button.

Not supported

Visitors will see this notification when the browser they are using does not support the browser call feature. The button will open the leave info form asking for visitors’ contact information.

You can change all text messages and the button label.

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