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General setup

This article will guide you through some basic settings for website widgets. First, go to Integration > Website Widgets. On the right side of the screen is your widget settings. Here you can set up Operating hours, Automation, and Widget appearance.

Operating hours

Operating hours are when your support agents are available to answer visitors’ messages or receive calls. You can set up this schedule, including which days of the week and what time of the day. Your Live Chat widget will appear online or offline according to this schedule.

Outside of this time frame, visitors who open Live Chat will receive a notification regarding the offline status of the operators.

If you enable Automation for Live Chat (read the next section in this article for more details), visitors will see a message notifying them that they are going to chat with a bot.


Enabling Automation allows chatbots to work on your Live Chat, even outside operating hours. Visitors will be notified before entering a chat with a bot after-hours (see screenshot above).

You can configure Automation runtime to be Always or Schedule.

  • Always: Your chatbots will be working 24/7.
  • Schedule: You can configure chatbot uptime here.

You need to select an automation template to complete these settings. A template is a folder of automated scenarios (chatbots) to apply to your Live Chat. You can select an existing template from the dropdown selection.

If you’re just starting and don’t have any automation template yet, go to Automation > Chatbot Template to create one.


You can customize your widget size, colors, and display style here.

There are 3 standard sizes for your widgets: big, medium, and small.

Use the color pickers to change the background and icon colors of your widgets. Note that this color combo will also apply to the header of your Live Chat and Call widgets. Specifically, the background color will be the background color of the header, and the icon color will be the text color on the header.

Feel free to customize the look and feel of your widgets and make them blend in with the style of your website.

For display style, you can make your widgets appear as Collapsed or Expanded.

All widgets (except Scroll top - which is always outside and on top of the collapsed widget group) will collapse into one along with a call-to-action text (optional) in the Collapsed style. They will expand into individual ones on click. See this image below for how the Collapsed style works in the vertical and horizontal directions.

In the Expanded style, all widgets will be fully displayed.

You’re also able to change the widget position, direction, and margins. Position changes where your widgets display, at the Right bottom or Left bottom of your website. Direction changes your widget display from vertical to horizontal. Margins adjust the spaces between your widget group and the edges of the website.

Play around with these settings to see how they work and decide what’s best for you!


There are 3 widgets with special functions: Scroll top, Live Chat, and Call. You can enable or disable these widgets to show or hide them on your website.

  • Scroll top: Take visitors to the top of the website when clicked on. This widget always stays on top of other widgets and only appears when visitors scroll for a certain height.
  • Live Chat: Connect visitors with your operators (or chatbots) via real-time chat. You can monitor live visitors and chat with them in Conversations.
  • Call: Offer voice support for your visitors. Visitors can call you for free via their browser. You need to provide a fallback phone number. This phone number will be used in case the browser your visitor uses doesn't support our Call feature.

You can select Live Chat or Call from the Widget dropdown to access further customization.

Widgets that contain links to your social profile are Social widgets. Click on the button Add social widget and select the platform icons you want to add. Then, add the link to your profile in the text field (for social media icons), email address (for the email icon), or phone number (for the SMS icon).

Make sure you enable (switch on) the added widgets. If you have two profiles on the same social platform, you can have two widgets of the same icon. 

You can hover over a widget and use the ↕ icon to change its display order, or the ✕ icon to remove it.

You can’t remove Scroll top, Live Chat, or Call. The Scroll top widget always stays on top of the others so you can’t change its order.

Reset settings

To reset settings, scroll to the end of the settings bar and click Reset.

By clicking this button, all customization will be reset to its default settings.

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