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Quick setup

This article will guide you through the quick setup steps for the Website Widgets module. 

The quick setup will show up the first time you log in to your project. You will also be redirected to this process after installing BoostCRM Chatbot & Call on Shopify App Store.

You can follow the step-by-step guide and have your widgets all set up, or skip the process and do it later. To reopen the process, go to Dashboard and find the quick setup button on the top notice.

General setup

Select widgets

First, select the widgets you want to show on your website.

In the first step, you can select from 3 widgets with special functions: Scroll top, Live Chat, and Call. You can select more than one widget in this step.

  • Scroll top: Take visitors to the top of the website when clicked on.
  • Live Chat: Provide instant support for your web visitors. Live Chat connects visitors with your operators (or chatbots) via real-time chat. 
  • Call: Empower your website with voice support. Visitors can call you for free via their browser.

To learn more about the widgets, see our article Introducing Website Widgets.

In the second step, you can select from a variety of social widgets. These social widgets function as links to your social profiles. You can select more than one widget in this step.

Display style

Next, choose how your widgets look like. There are 2 display styles for your widgets: Expanded and Collapsed. In the Expanded style, all widgets will be fully displayed. In the Collapsed style, all widgets (except Scroll top) will collapse into one and expand into individuals on click.

Later in the full settings, you can make your widgets appear on the right or left side of the screen, vertically or horizontally, and adjust their margins.

Widget data

Next, enter some information for your widgets to work properly. This step is different depending on which widgets you selected in the first 2 steps. Here are the data needed for the widgets respectively:

  • Call: Fallback call number. This number will be used in case the browser that the visitor is using does not support the browser call feature.
  • Social networks (Messenger, Zalo, Instagram, Viber, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok): Link to your account on said platforms.
  • Email: Email address.
  • SMS: Number that receives SMS.

 For detailed instructions on how to set up your social widgets and find your social account links, see our article Social widgets.

Live Chat

If you selected Live Chat in the first step, you will see 2 additional steps: set up a pre-chat form and create a welcome message for Live Chat.

Pre-chat form

The pre-chat form is a form asking for visitor’s information before starting a chat.

If you enable the form, visitors will see it when they first open Live Chat. After filling in the form, they will be greeted with a welcome message (which will be configured in the next step). If the form is disabled, visitors will NOT see it and will be greeted with the welcome message.

There are 3 pieces of information you can collect: name, email, and phone number. Later in the full settings, you can make each field required or optional, customize the input field color, and edit the placeholder text.

Choose to show Privacy policy consent if you want visitors’ agreement to your policy before they start chatting with you. Visitors cannot enter chat if they haven’t checked this box. Later in the full settings, you can change the consent message and insert the link to your policy.

Welcome message

The welcome message is the message that pops up to greet your visitors. If the pre-chat form is enabled, the welcome message is the first message visitors see after filling the form.

Enter your text message in the text field and add some quick replies to go with it. Later in the full settings, you can link these quick replies to an automated scenario (chatbot) and configure the message trigger.

Full settings and Mobile app

Your widgets are now all set up! Follow the instructions on the screenshot below to find the full settings for your widgets and further customize them to fit your brand’s identity.

Our Live Chat and Call features are available on mobile. Download the BoostCRM application to receive push notifications on your mobile device and always stay informed.

For detailed instructions on how to download and sign up for the mobile app, see our article Mobile app download.

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